What Needs to be Covered When Reporting Telugu?

Andhra Pradesh may be not the biggest state in India but it holds great importance in terms of entertainment and culture. It often remains in the spotlight for politics and cinema. Hence, there is continuous activity on web for information related to anything Telugu. While there is no dearth of platforms that address one particular field, websites that are able to render every piece of news that is related to the southern state are very few. Following are the elements that cannot be left out at any cost if one wishes to cover everything Telugu;

Regional news

The region is always in news for one reason or the other. With a lot of political activity, there is always a prominent personality holding a mike and give statements. Web users that wish to be familiar with everything critical in Andhra news turn to the website. With special focus on southern events, the website has to renders news that makes the headlines of national dailies. Financial, economic and sports events should also be addressed by the news reporting website to make sure that readers are aware of everything important at present.

Telugu cinema news

Tollywood produces the second largest number of films in India. Considering the popularity and acceptance cinema works have, it is quite natural for a major web news publisher to take the same into consideration. Special focus ought to be given to Telugu movies news by keeping a watch on the new releases and their performance. Provision for reader’s insights into everything associated with different film projects can also be made by bringing pictures and news from film related events and functions.

Film reviews

Information about new releases and related celebrities is not enough. Movie buffs require more than that to make a decision about watching a film in theatres. A dynamic southern news reporting website helps readers in this area too by providing Telugu movie reviews. Through its unbiased and informative reviews, it informs film fans about the storyline, star cast, box office performance and other details. Through its critics and audience reviews, it should help movie goers in deciding whether the work is worth a watch in theatres or not.

Film industry grapevine

News is always in the air about some celebrity breakup, makeup and rivalries. To make sure that its readers are aware of everything that goes on behind the curtains, it has to bring the hottest gossip taking rounds in Tollywood. Popularity can only be attained by the website if reported Tollywood news and gossips turn out to be true eventually.

Telangana bulletins

The political issue has long been in news but still doesn’t seem approaching a viable solution. While the community that will be directly affected keeps eye on the progress, locals settled in far-off countries keeps in touch through web. A website can claim wide reach by gathering news related to the issue. Dedicated southern news reporting website makes timely updates of Telangana news in case of any major escalation.

So, it can be said that a southern reporter can be called a pro only if it can be trusted with everything Telugu.

Andhrareporter is a web based news reporting website that brings national as well international news for its readers, with special focus on Tollywood industry. It is also known for its extensive video gallery section.


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