Andhrareporter Reporting USA!

World has transitioned into something truly singular as events unfolding on far-off lands have started influencing our lives. Global events have become as important as regional happenings, and web, along with globalization, is at the very centre of all this. When such radical changes come up, opportunistic firms find a way to expand and profit in style. Andhrareporter did something similar of the sorts when it started reporting USA.

The USA angle

Andhrareporter has always been known for Tollywood news and we know it has played the role in a magnificent manner. But recently, it has introduced the USA angle in its website which means that it has started publishing USA related news and events. This brought cheers in local as well international quarters as thirst to be globally aware has always been there. Under the USA news button of the website, one can find everything that has been keeping one of the world’s strongest economies busy. Special attention has been given to the political news and everything around the White House.

More than just USA

Though the American nation has been given its share of attention, rest of the world hasn’t been altogether forgotten by Tollywood cinema specialist. Andhrareporter brings everything that hits gold with global dailies for its readers so that they are aware of global matters. Be it politics, business, sports or economic news, everything that is latest qualifies for world news tab. This means that along with getting familiar with everything that comes out of the southern film churning factory, one can also get to know the world.

Andhra at Heart

While a leap has been taken to reach out to global audience, Andhrareporter is the same good old correspondent that has a fondness for Telugu movie updates and everything that is Tollywood. The international elements are just spices in the same Indian curry. Besides the latest additions, Andhrareporter has been evolving in a number of areas recently. Some of them are;

Videos gallery – Though quite some time has passed in-between the introduction of videos gallery and present, Andhrareporter keeps on expanding its offerings with new introductions. With latest Telugu news videos, it has caught the fancy of southern audience. Same is the excitement in case of fashion, cooking and hot videos.

Tollywood movies – No longer does web users have to scour Tollywood cinema works as Telugu movies gallery has one of the best films on offering. One doesn’t even have go through the waiting period of downloading a film as it can be viewed online without a trouble.

While the above two are striking the right chords, Andhrareporter is still performing the task of keeping an eye on new cinemas in Telugu. Through its unbiased reviews, it informs web audience about star cast, storyline, box office performance and other details of a new work. Besides that, we know about its hot photo and wallpaper galleries where one can easily come across every southern sweetheart.

So, Andhrareporter may be reporting USA but its heart is still beating for Tollywood.


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