Andhrareporter Introduces Two New News Sections

Web news readers recently got reason to cheer when management of Andhrareporter recently announced that two new sections have been introduced on their website. Andhrareporter has been in the business of news reporting for quite some time now and enjoys a good readership. Representatives of the website recently announced that on request of their readers and after thorough research, they have decided to introduce YOUR FINANCE and BOX OFFICE sections in Andhrareporter. On this, founder of the website reflected;

“We were considering the move for quite some time, and when our readers also asserted the same, we thought of going ahead with it. Both sections are very different and targeted towards totally different readers. We wish our visitors will find the articles, data and news helpful”

Both sections could be easily found on the main navigation bar just below the website logo. Box Office gives readers information about the latest releases and how much revenue they have grossed. By going through the section, one can easily get an idea about which film deserves a theatre view. Along with it, box office news and distributers lists could also be found. Marketing head of the company gave insights into the section by arguing;

“Other than information, box office collection is what people want to know about films when they search. They want to know which film has been raking the profits and pulling in the crowd. Hence, we feel this section will benefit our readers in making a better choice about films.”

The other section titled ‘Your Finance’ is where money men would go. It includes information about stock market, business, economy and finance. Anyone wishing to know about the present market scenario and condition of different markets would find the section informative. It has been divided into four sections to put the reader at ease. Content head of the website mentioned that;

Telugu Movies News

“Today, everyone invests in stocks and wants to know where the market is heading. The financial conditions we are living in demand being informative about money matters. Therefore, we thought such a section would find its set of readers. We are open to suggestions and would love to listen what our readers had to say” gives glimpse into Tollywood as well as national news. It covers wide range of fields for its readers including gossip, national happenings, entertainment, global events and social media.


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