From Tollywood to Bollywood, Andhrareporter Rules

It takes time for a news reporting website to establish itself in the web arena. It has to keep coming up with genuine and gripping content for its readers along with everything that interests its visitors. Most of the time, such websites limit their range and become master of one particular field or area. But Andhrareporter doesn’t do that when it is news we are talking about. It spreads its wings and encompasses Bollywood as well as Tollywood. Here are the fields which Andhrareporter touches in both film making machines;

In Tollywood

If spoken of market capitalization and infrastructure, Tollywood is the second largest film industry in India. It also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest film making facility in the world. This means it also churns out a gigantic number of movies every year. What Andhrareporter basically does is that it keeps an eye on everything that unfolds in the Southern industry. It keeps its ears and eyes open 24×7 for latest Telugu releases and gossip.

A Tollywood film enthusiast likes to be updated about every work that is to soon hit the big screens. He also wants to know which of them are good and worth lining for tickets. In this task, Andhrareporter assists such cinema fans by making available latest Tollywood cinema trailers and reviews. By getting an idea about the story line and star cast of the cinema work, one can minimize the risk of coming across doomed performances. Those who wish to download free online Telugu movies often drop by the website to see which film has been grossing maximum money and has all the characteristics of an entertainer.

For those who like to keep an eye on the southern sirens, the website comes pretty handy. It has galleries that contain Tollywood actress wallpapers in abundance. Snapshots from social gatherings, movie screening, music releases, parties and film sets could all be found if one is ready to scour Andhrareporter.

In Bollywood

Though Tollywood is what Andhrareporter specializes in, Bollywood is also apple of its eye. It keeps track of new releases in Bollywood and gives statistics of their performance. Description of the star cast is also given to help movie goers in making the final choice.

Bollywood stars have penchant for southern cinema and often visit the industry for playing crucial roles. Andhrareporter keeps track of who is in talk with whom for an upcoming project and regularly update its audience with the juiciest tidbits.

And just like Tollywood beauties, Bollywood dames also make their way to its galleries. Renowned names could be found in its galleries posing for their fans.

So, we can say that Andhrareporter has a wide range to choose from. Apart from the points that have been discussed, it also furnishes information that interests viewers all over the web. This could include global news that hit the front page of the newspapers, social media news or anything that has been making waves lately. Hence, it would not be wrong if we state that Andhrareporter rules Bollywood as well as Tollywood.

Andhrareporter is a cinema news reporting website with special focus on Tollywood and andhra political news. It also offers news of Bollwood, current events and other global issues. It is regarded as the best Telugu movies website by its readers.


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