Andhrareporter – Something for Everyone

Most of the web news platforms cater to one particular genre, turning a blind eye on all the other breaking-news happenings around them. On the contrary, this makes perfect sense, for it is difficult to cover entirely different fields at the same time considering everyone has limits on manpower and resources. However, there are some web news portals that have something for everyone. One such player in the web field is Andhrareporter. Though it has established itself as latest Tollywood news website, it also pays heed to many other important areas of news events. Below mentioned are the things that Andhrareporter pays heed to:

National Shockers

Along with covering Telugu movie updates, Andhrareporter also informs its readers about national shockers that find their way to the front page. It extensively covers news and touches crucial aspects of the main story.

Telugu Cinema Trailers

Everything ranging from politics to economy and finance to society is covered in the news section. So, it can be said that apart from updating masses about the reel life, Andhrareporter gives the taste of real life as well.

International News

We live in a global village and, if not all, many amongst us like to be aware of major happenings around the world. Keeping the same in mind, Andhrareporter keeps an eye on the major global events and bring the important ones for its readers. Important findings about social media, health and global gossip is also brought and served to the visitors.


Andhrareporter has been playing the role of opinion maker of Tollywood for quite some time now. By kick starting polls and surveys, it tries to understand the viewpoint and thoughts of the masses. Surveys are not limited to Tollywood cinema and celebrities but often discuss politics too. Hence, stating Andhrareporter as just a gossip website would be a great mistake.

Everything Tollywood

Now is the turn of main staple of the website; that is Tollywood news. From Tollywood movies reviews to gossip, who is romancing whom to what is happening in the real life of megastars, everything is covered in a detailed manner. Music events, star gatherings, parties and other important functions are covered to bring latest grapevine from the inner circles. In short, everything one needs to know about Tollywood could easily be found on Andhrareporter.

Latest Clicks
The world will be boring place if southern lasses hadn’t been around to brighten our days. Andhrareporter has photo galleries in which one can find every diva of Tollywood engaged in their day to day life of lights, camera and action. Even Bollywood ladies could be found engaged in their southern ventures. And if a person has a taste for international celebrities, then, they too are readily available in the hot galleries. Tollywood actress wallpapers could also be found if one wishes to keep the beauties on the desktop itself.

Now, if sensex and numbers interest you more than the world of glitterati, then that too are on the platter in the finance section of the news.

Now, are you convinced that Andhrareporter has something for everyone?

Andhrareporter is a cinema news reporting website with prime focus on Tollywood news. Along with southern cinema, gossip and events, it also covers major national news, global happenings and politics too.


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