Andhrareporter- A Trip to Tollywood

Being the second largest film industry in India is not a small thing considering the fact that near about every state has its own regional film industry with star celebrities and home grown audience. Add the fact of being the third largest film producing machinery in India, and Tollywood further rises in stature. In such a scenario, the task of a cinema news reporting website becomes an uphill one but Andhrareporter has been doing the herculean task for so long that a visit to the website is jokingly called as ‘a trip to Tollywood’. Well, it is hard to believe but following points will surely help.

Latest Tollywood News

From a long time now, Andhrareporter has been doing the task of bring for its visitors latest news that hits the Tollywood. Everything from new releases to celebrity events and star rivalry to PDA’s are brought on the platter for the audience to relish on. If it is something resembling Telugu movies news, it is hard to believe that Andhrareporter have not screened it. Whether something happens in front of the rolling cameras or behind the curtains, the website sees it all.
Telugu Movie Updates

Tollywood by having the largest film production facility in the world and by being the third largest film producing machinery in India has potential to churn out hundreds of films in a year. The number is enough to make a fan hysterical about what to see and what to leave. However, the task is simplified by Andhrareporter by reporting everything about a film that reaches the big screens. It gives information about the films under production, about to hit the theatres and also how they have been received by the audience.
Telugu Movie Reviews

Job of a film industry based website doesn’t finish by just informing about the release dates. It also has to include reviews that are not influenced by personal opinion and are more representative of the film work. While delivering an unbiased critical review, Andhrareporter informs about the stars acting in the film and story line. In short, it helps cinema goers in making the choice about what to watch and what to pass.
Telugu Actress Photo Gallery

Now, we all know an entertainment based website cannot be complete without the gorgeous ladies. And in this field, Andhrareporter scores very high, for they know what their audience wants. It includes latest Telugu actress pictures from photo shoots, award ceremonies, film sets, stills and release functions. For those who have a hovering eye for Hollywood dames, there is a gallery in which one can have an eyeful of models, celebrities and socialites.

Apart from the Telugu cinema glitter, the website also captures national occurrences that find their way to the front pages of the newspapers. National news, if covered, is approached in such a way that there is no need to reach for another source. In short, Andhrareporter qualifies as a one stop news platform, with majors in everything Telegu and minors in national events.

Resource- Andhrareporter is a website which screens everything related to Tollywood news, gossip, films, functions and stars. Apart from offering reviews of latest releases and latest stills of celebrities, it also covers major news that hit the headlines of national newspapers.

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